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Bridal Themed Jewelry

Once upon a time, a young man in love would sooner or later surprise his beloved - perhaps on Valentine's Day, perhaps on her birthday - with a tantalizingly small gift box. In the box cradled on velvet would be a diamond engagement ring. The young woman would pronounce the ring to be the most beautiful she had ever seen and she would wear it happily for the rest of her life.
We can no longer assume that  a bride will be dressed in white, wearing her grandmother's pearls. Brides finally have discovered that on this momentous occasion they must present a look that reflects both their personality and taste. From classic to full-blown diva, this means jewelry. Vintage pieces, tiaras, brooches, big earrings ? they're all under today's bridal umbrella.
If there's a noticeable trend in diamond engagement rings, it's that people are having fun with them!
This season, engagement ring styles are as varied and unique as the brides who choose them. (And choose them, they do - gone are the days when this long-term fashion decision was left up to grooms.)
Whether it's a diamond she selected for herself or a surprise from her fiancé, today's bride has almost unlimited options in the shape and design of her engagement ring. Her style can be classic or contemporary, retro or futuristic; there is sure to be a perfect ring for her.
Diamond wedding bands provide a brilliant alternative to the classic plain gold or platinum band, whether or not an engagement ring is worn.
This spring, the buzz word in wedding rings is variety. Sure, you might still prefer the traditional plain gold band, but be sure to study other exciting, fashionable and trendsetting options before you decide. Here are some of the most popular choices today:
If you're getting engaged this holiday season, here are smart ways to get more diamond for your dollars without sacrificing value or brilliance. Knowing the 4Cs can help you find a diamond she will love, at a price you can afford. 
Many engaged couples choose to express their individuality (and the uniqueness of their relationship) by working with their jeweler to create a truly special, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Here are some pointers:
Marriages are made in heaven, so it's not surprising that many couples seek to become engaged in innovative ways that will propel their relationship into the stratosphere!
If you're shopping for an engagement ring or an important piece of fashion diamond jewelry, we urge you to consider a center stone of at least 1/2 carat in size.
The classic woman's wedding band ? a simple, unadorned circle of gold ? has given way to a multitude of fashionable variations. 
With more brides and grooms wanting to express their individuality, jewelry designers have responded by creating wedding bands capable of making any statement a couple's personal style dictates. You'll be wearing this ring every day; shouldn't you absolutely love it?
Planning a wedding around the winter holidays or the beginning of next year? One lovely tradition is to present heart-felt gifts to the wedding party.  
Whether you buy your engagement ring and wedding ring as two individual pieces or as a bridal set is very much a matter of taste. But if you do decide to get a set, it might be a good idea to consider platinum.
Getting engaged, getting married? These are milestones in life that are the most special moments to treasure for a lifetime. These memories are uniquely yours, and for that very reason, the engagement ring you select should also be uniquely yours. It can be overwhelming trying to select the right ring, trying to make it personal, but we can help you make choices to keep your ring special. 
The bridal market is percolating with a host of new and exciting designs all aimed at today's fashionable bride who wants her engagement ring to stand out ? and to look a bit different from those of her friends.
In previous generations, the typical husband-to-be was a little skittish about choosing his own wedding ring. That's true no longer. Today's young men have often researched the subject of wedding bands thoroughly and arrive at their local jewelry store armed with knowledge and opinions on metals, gemstones and styles.
Selecting the right engagement ring takes time, whether you're shopping with your intended or preparing a surprise for her. Start by consulting with our expert associates, who will help you to design the perfect piece.
Of course, your engagement ring will take center stage at your perfect wedding, but accessory jewelry for the bride and bridal party is an important consideration of any wedding planner. Whether casual or formal, every element of your wedding should conform to the look and theme you've chosen. Here are some thoughts on what we like to call the ?other bridal jewelry.? 
Engagement rings - especially the three-stone variety - are steeped in symbolism. The rings are, of course, circular, representing love without end. They are crafted of metals as precious and durable as the lovers' romantic union. And, in the case of three-stone rings, the triad of gems represent the past, present and future of the relationship - all of it bright, shining, and unique.
We know your fiancée would be happy with any engagement ring you present to her, but we want her to be absolutely thrilled. And, of course, this will take a bit more work. Here are some to tips on how to pick a ring that will perfectly suit her personal style.
Although engagement rings and wedding bands are designed to be worn every day and last a lifetime, there's no reason why today's brides can't make an individual fashion statement with their bridal jewelry.
Brides must choose from hundreds of gowns, thousands of flowers, dozens of wedding cakes. Still, the most sentimental and important part of this formula is her wedding set. These two rings are perhaps the only jewelry she owns that she will wear every day for the rest of her life. For that reason, they have to be a style she loves and a design that stands up to the test of time.
When it comes to their bridal plans, more and more couples are demanding the best. Selecting an engagement ring is just the beginning of a romantic journey that is meant to last a lifetime. The symbolism behind this life-long emotional commitment should revolve around getting the best-quality stone ? one that truly expresses the significant moment.
More than 75 percent of all engagement rings sold in the U.S. flaunt the traditional round shape. But an increasing number of today's brides want something a little different, so here is what you need to know about the top diamond shapes and their individual allure: