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Fabulous Three-Stone Diamond Jewelry Celebrates Your Past, Present and Future

For the past several years, the three-diamond anniversary ring has been one of the most dependable Christmas gifts on the market - a gift that celebrates the past, present and future of a marriage - and this year, designers are taking that concept a step further, introducing the three-diamond idea in a wide variety of pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Various prestigious designers have come out with their own original treatments of the idea, so you'll have many tasteful pieces from which to choose. These will employ diamonds of many different sizes and shapes. The classic pieces feature a round diamond center, flanked by slightly smaller side diamonds. But designers are experimenting with oval, radiant and emerald-cut diamonds, as well - with delightful results.

These pieces typically are being made with versatility in mind, so you'll be able to incorporate diamonds of just about any size or shape combination, depending on your budget and the statement you're trying to make. Moreover, the sentiment and the emotion that invariably attaches to a gift of diamond jewelry is especially appropriate during the holiday season - thus the popularity of the past, present and future motif.

In general, classic looks will be in fashion in diamond jewelry this holiday season. In addition to the stylish three-diamond pieces, the top designers are focusing on tasteful, classic items, such as diamond stud earrings and the ever-popular diamond line bracelet. All in all, it's a good year for diamonds. Choose carefully, and you'll be sure to find a piece that your loved one will treasure forever.