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Fashion Trends/Buying Tips

Many women are asking themselves, ?Why am I waiting for a man to buy my jewelry?? With prices of traditional self-purchases, such as handbags and shoes, approaching three, even four digits, it makes more sense for women to take the initiative to seek out ? and buy ? pieces of fine jewelry that will serve as far more than just a seasonal accessory.
Since Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress to Every Woman's wardrobe in the 1920s, it has never fallen out of favor. Ubiquitous enough to have it's own acronym, the LBD is the go-to garment for the bistro lunch, the black tie gala, and everything in between. Making it a one-dress-fits-all-occasions is a simple matter of accessories.
This season, there's a definite trend toward big looks in jewelry that add sparkle and pizzazz to every part of life. The new styles make thoughtful holiday or birthday gifts, providing a wide range of alternatives to suit every taste.   
Big, bold and beautiful gold jewelry is back, with sculptural pieces and open-links leading fashion for the holiday season.
If you've been watching the runways and red carpets, you know that fabulous gowns are nearly taking a back seat to big, bold jewelry designs. Colorful cocktail rings, cuff bracelets and long earrings that skim bare shoulders make dramatic statements that have become the focal points of photo-worthy ensembles. But even beyond the realm of the paparazzi, women are choosing statement pieces that reflect their growing confidence and comfort with themselves.      
Did you know that gemstone charms have been used for amuletic and talismanic purposes since the beginnings of human history? Many ancient civilizations used specific gemstone charms to ward off evil, protect from illness, attract prosperity and romance, or to cure human conditions.      
This year's installment of the famous Tucson gem shows was all about affordable color. These February shows, which traditionally set the colored gemstone trends for the upcoming year, emphasized the fact that you can still get some dazzling gemstone jewelry for mom this Mother's Day without breaking the bank ? and in this tough economy that's welcome news, indeed!
Young, smart and sassy, Echo Boomers are making their mark as trendsetters in pop culture. Also known as Generation Y, these confident young consumers ? ages 12 to 26 ? love fun and fabulous jewelry that reflects their individual style.
Color trends may come and go, but black is back and bigger than ever.
If you're like most women, jewelry is one of your favorite fashion/accessory items. But you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, your birthday, your anniversary or another important occasion to get jewelry as a gift. Treat yourself - you're worth it!
With the big push this season toward unique, personalized jewelry, the perfect accessory to accentuate d?colletage is a diamond initial pendant hanging from diamond-encrusted chain.
Carole Jackson's best-selling book, ?Color Me Beautiful,? classifies people as ?Winter,? ?Spring,? ?Summer? and ?Autumn,? and advises them to dress in colors appropriate to their season. The same principles can be applied to jewelry!
If you're scouting out the latest earring and necklace styles, longer is better this year.
The true sentiment behind a gift of fine jewelry is often symbolic and at other times quite literal. But whether the jewelry boldly declares ?I Love You? or more subtly celebrates a couple's Diamond Journey, it always does a brilliant job of reflecting your heartfelt emotions.
Necklaces are coming to the fore once again as a timeless and chic fashion statement, with new styles adding flair and sparkle to any jewelry wardrobe. The necklace itself has never been out of style since the dawn of history.    
There's a ?new? white precious metal making waves in the jewelry industry. Palladium has become the ?Now Metal? for those looking for something unique, high-quality and ?green,? yet without the hefty price tag of platinum or white gold.
Think ?medallion? and you might get a flashback to the '70s, when groovy bell-bottoms, platform shoes and hot pants were all the rage. Today's medallion borrows the familiar shape and adds a decorative twist. The modern update is one of this year's  most coveted accessories, sure to become a staple among trendsetters from coast to coast. 
If designers have their way for spring, the look will be feminine, flirty and sexy. And who can argue with that?
Most people know that the platinum family of precious metals has taken center stage in fine jewelry stores in recent years, as savvy consumers have come to appreciate platinum and its cool, white platinum-family cousins, such as iridium and ruthenium, as top-quality materials for creating intricate, yet durable, jewels.
Stretch your jewelry wardrobe with the newest innovations in stackable designs, the perfect solution to versatility and wearing pleasure.   
Did you know that, according to industry studies, earrings are the single largest category of jewelry that women purchase - both as gifts for others and for themselves?
Fashion mavens say every stylish woman's wardrobe should include a Chanel (or Chanel-like) suit, a little black dress and a good wool coat for winter. It is smarter, say the fashionistas, to splurge on a few top-of-the line classics than to fill a closet with lesser-quality items. So too, are there jewelry ?must haves? ? versatile, always-in-style pieces that constitute a strong starting point for a well-considered jewelry collection. Here are some suggestions:
For many years, the color brown has taken a backseat to black, from the world of fashion to home décor to jewelry. Not anymore. 
If you're looking for a versatile, sophisticated yet modern jewelry accessory, the popular Omega necklace fits the bill. This chic, elegant style has become a modern classic and a must-have item for every woman's jewelry collection.
They're young, smart, brash. They speak their mind. They are selective and savvy. They will mix luxury with thrift. Meet Generation Y ? a buying group 70 million strong, ranging in age from approximately 12 to 26. And sure, these young people can buy simple and classic earrings, necklaces and bracelets just like their mothers and grandmothers wore. But, let's face it: Gen Yers want new product that's fun, hip, modern, well made and affordable.
The jewelry you choose to wear for work is more than just a fashion statement. Like the clothes you wear and the job you do, the jewelry you select conveys a specific image to the people in your work environment. Your jewelry reveals a little bit about who you are.
The allure of bright colors in designer fashions has translated into the next big thing: large, bold, get-noticed colored gemstone jewelry accented with complementary colored side stones and diamonds. Oversized gemstone rings in rich candy colors are dominating the fashion scene and add panache to any woman's wardrobe. 
Earrings are an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. They draw attention to her face, complement her attire and often reveal a hint of her personality. They can add a hint of sexiness at the beach, an air of sophistication in the boardroom, or a dash of Hollywood glamour to a formal affair.