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Gold Fashion and More

There is probably no jewelry item more ubiquitous than the gold chain. Worn long or short, with a pendant or without, by men and women, it's a jewelry basic that crosses all lines. You don't often hear it referred to as much more than the generic ?gold chain,? but myriad details ensure that not all gold chains are created equal.  
Jewelry is often considered a luxury, but opulence doesn't have to preclude practicality. Today's trend toward bolder, more elaborate pieces means it's easier than ever to choose golden gifts that make stylish transitions from morning to evening.
Good as Gold. Golden Opportunity, Golden Egg, Golden Rule, Golden Years. You get the idea. The word is practically synonymous with everything good, and the color that flashes into most people's minds is a rich, lustrous yellow. What a lot of people don't know, however, is that gold is the chameleon of the world of precious metals; it can take on a wide variety of colors. 
There's no such thing as a basic chain anymore. That's because the art of chain-making has improved both technologically and artistically and the newest versions of chain jewelry are anything but basic. For example, some designs include a variety of fancy links in different gauges and combinations, taking these wardrobe staples into the fashion category.