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Spring Fashion Tips

If fashion designers have their way, the spring season will be awash with airy, ruffled and beribboned clothes, as femininity becomes the look of the day.
After many seasons of black, brown and neutrals, designers have finally boarded the color bandwagon ? and in a very big way. The top colors for spring 2008 include many shades of pink, green, blue and violet. And despite Valentino's retirement, his signature red was a recurring favorite on his ? and everyone else's ? runway.  
After a long winter of white wonders, spring bursts forth with new life, warm breezes and wonderful colors. The skies are bluer, the grass buds green and flowers of all sorts stand vigil in gardens everywhere.
It's only a short hop from the romance of Valentine's Day to the sunshine of spring, and the newest ear jewelry is a great way to celebrate spring's freshness and new beginnings. One major trend for spring this year is elegant ear studs with pearls or diamonds. They are chic, lovely, and go from work to wow effortlessly.