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Custom Design Gallery

Our creativity runs from the simple to totally amazing, utilizing our experience in creating special projects for individual custom design, family jewelry concepts, corporate logo design ideas & development of total design concepts for artists. No idea is too crazy, wild, extravagant or strange for us to do for you. We will use ancient techniques including pencil & paper to Computer Aided Design and even imagination to help you work with us to create that very special piece. ... artisans & craftsmen of The Jewelry Factory North Hollywood, CA

14kt white gold & diamond ring with incredible attention to detail of of a snare drum created for a 10th anniversary present for a professional drummer from his wife. The Jewelry Factory

computer aided design models for above ring

For member of the Law Enforcement & Fire Department community, we create beautiful pendants that are recreations of their working badge complete with rank & numbers in 14kt gold. Rings too!!

we start with a photo of a badge, convert it via computer to highly detailed finished products

A custom LAPD ring, with shield on top w/diamonds


Hose Clamp ring design



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