Capture Your Proposal on Video With a Secret Camera in a Ring Box

on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 8:22:00 PM

Are you thinking of proposing soon? Can't figure out how to get a picture or video of "THE MOMENT?" Well, what if the engagement ring could video your proposal?? Crazy Idea, Right??? If you hadn't purchased your engagement ring yet, you might want to look into what The Jewelry Factory, North Hollywood, California is doing. For a $100. fee, when you purchase an engagement ring from them, they include a 3 week rental of their amazing RingCam (a tinyHD camera hidden in a ring box) for you to cleverly capture the big moment on video with sound. Check it out... it's called a Ring Cam, an engagement ring box with a camera built right into it. REALLY !!

Virtually, no one gets a video or picture of the EXACT moment until now. You borrow the RingCam with instructions (lots of suggestions on the web) & at the time that you're ready to 'POP' the question, you push down the button, aim your box & ask away. Your voice & your 'intended's' reaction is recorded, you can continue & do selfies together with the video camera in a box, too. You can upload the video yourself & edit it or upload it to RingCam & they'll do it for you (included!!)

Have a look below at these video proposals taken with the RingCam.

Perhaps your engagement ring should come from The Jewelry Factory, North Hollywood, California & you'll be able to have your own 'Hollywood' proposal caught on video!!

Check out engagement rings at The Jewelry Factory & get your RingCam to make your proposal unforgettable!

(Jewelry Factory ships all over the USA !!!)

Need to shop for diamonds ???

Jewelry Factory 800-421-0200 13400 Saticoy St. #1 North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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