What's the difference between a carat & a karat ???

on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 3:29:00 PM
Carat vs Karat

Hi, this is Bruce at The Jewelry Factory, North Hollywood, CA USA. In the picture above, I'm on the left holding a 400 OUNCE (12.4Kg) bar of .999 24K gold, on the right is Matt Stuller founder of Stuller Inc. one of the largest jewelry manufacturing firms in the USA. The bar at $1200/oz is worth nearly $500,000.00. So what's with this KARAT or CARAT question?

Simply put, CARAT with a 'C' is the weight scale for diamonds & gemstones of all kinds. It is not how BIG the gem is, it's how much it weighs, kind of like an ounce or pound. So a gemstone could be a .50 Carat or 1/2 Carat. There are 100 Points in One Carat which would be written 1.00 Carat, so a 49 point diamond would be just a bit under a 1/2 Carat. (not to be confused with a carrot, which you would not put in an engagement ring)

KARAT with a 'K' is not a weight at all, but the purity of a precious metal like Palladium, Platinum or Gold. It's based on a 24point scale that's a bit confusing at first.

24 Karat, a coin or product marked as such or .999 is 100% pure without any alloys mixed in.

Nearly all commercially produced jewelry is less than 24kt or 100% pure as the metal is mixed with additional metals to change either it's color or malleability depending on the purpose. 22KT gold is popular in some Middle Eastern & Asian countries & with specific cultural groups. 18KT, which is 75% pure is very popular in Europe & in some fine jewelry in USA. Since pure gold (24kt) has a bit of a greenish gold color, the 18KT yellow color is very desirable when used with precious gems & diamonds. 14KT is 58.5% pure and the most popular purity level of gold used in the USA followed by 10KT which is about 40%. When you drop below the 50% purity level in gold there are some people who've been known to have skin reactions. Do you know anyone who's had a chain turn their neck green??

Any other questions? Feel free to send me an email or even call at www.jewelryfactory.com

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