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New Dawn Lab Grown Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring 1.00ct total weight

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    • Environmentally friendly and sustainably
    • Conflict free, socially responsible
    • Look and wear is identical to mined diamonds
    • Certified and graded by international diamond gemological laboratories
    • Jewelry Factory Quality

    Man-made lab grown diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds and can only be distinguished in a gemological laboratory. They are even cut and polished the same way mined diamonds are cut and polished.

    Mined diamonds take billions of years to create deep below the earth��_�s surface. In some areas, volcanic activity has brought the diamonds closer to the surface but in most cases we have to mine down into the earth to find them and bring them up to the surface. This mining process means massive amounts of energy is required to move millions of tons of earth each year.

    New Dawn Created Diamonds

    New Dawn Created Diamonds, man-made lab grown diamonds, are grown in a select few highly advanced laboratories with the most current eco technology available. Being socially responsible, our well paid trained technician��_�s work in a clean, safe and comfortable laboratory environment. There is never any child labor used.

    New Dawn Created Diamonds are environmentally friendly and sustainable. New Dawn's labs use a minimal amount of energy and have almost no emissions or pollutant bi-products.

    Like mined diamonds, all New Dawn Created Diamonds are certified by one of the top diamond grading labs in the world, the International Gemological Institute (IGI). They are graded using the same methods as mined diamonds and on the 4C��_�s- Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

    New Dawn Created Diamonds are for you to place in your engagement ring or other fine jewelry with the confidence that you are not stressing the earth, or supporting conflict areas

    Your New Dawn Created Diamond will be the most beautiful diamond in your world!

    We are helping heal the world - For every consumer purchase of a New Dawn Created Diamond we will make a financial contribution to an Environmental non-profit cause.

    New Dawn Lab Grown Round Brilliant Diamond Solitaire Ring 3/4 .75ct total weight . This is our HI SI quality & will come with a laboratory certificate. Our staff will select the finest diamond available in your price range & contact you with its exact information prior to our shipping. Ring sizing may add an extra few days to your order & rings that are ordered to size may not be returned for credit. If you have any specific concerns or questions either email or call our office to speak to our staff.