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Diamonds From The Jewelry Factory

Diamonds From The Jewelry Factory

Our Diamonds

As direct diamond importers, the Jewelry Factory carries diamonds of every size, shape & price range. Diamonds are amazing, like snowflakes, there are no two that are identical. Your diamond will be incredibly special to you & we’ll help you find the best diamond to fit your needs. If you want to learn more about diamonds, see our links at the bottom of the page.


The diamonds on this website have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. We hereby guarantee that our diamonds are conflict-free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the suppliers of these diamonds.

The Jewelry Factory is AML (anti-money laundering) compliant with the USA Patriot Act. Caretta, Inc. dba The Jewelry Factory is compliant with Federal Trade Commission regulations & is committed to combating the sale & distribution of conflict diamonds per the Kimberly Certification Process, World Diamond Council & the Diamond Trading Co.

Diamond & Gemstone Total Weight Disclosure

When we use the expression .50 carat tw, or 1/2 carat tw this refers to the TOTAL weight of all diamonds in the item. In the case of earrings, it means the total weight of a pair of diamonds. Diamonds are selected for matching sizes, clarity & color and may vary up to .025% in any of our manufactured pieces. Sometimes a piece may have slightly less or slightly more than the "target" diamond total weight.

Natural Certified Diamonds

The Jewelry Factory carries certified diamonds in all shapes, sizes & price ranges. We prefer to give you personal service in the selection of the diamond you desire. Call or email us with your needs and we’ll help you find the right combination of the “5 C’s “ just for you. jewelers list their diamonds online, we don’t. At this time, we don’t list our current inventory online. Read about our Red Box Program of fine certified natural diamonds!

Yehuda Natural Clarity Enhanced Certified Diamonds

Are you looking for a Bigger Diamond for your money? In 1982, Zvi Yehuda, an Israeli scientist discovered a way to enhance the clarity of diamonds. The revolutionary process optically eliminates "feathers", which are naturally occurring in most diamonds. The result is a more visually stunning diamond that you can purchase for significantly less then a similar-looking, non-enhanced diamond. Best of all, Yehuda Diamonds are totally natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds. The clarity enhancement process is not visible to the naked eye. Only a trained jeweler will ever know that you own a natural Yehuda Clarity Enhanced Diamond. You can have a bigger, brighter diamond at a better price! Click here to learn more about the process.