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Get Cash For Your Gold.....the facts


At the time of this writing, the U.S. economy is
in a bit of a twirl & now we're seeing TV commercials about getting
cash for your gold, well let me help you with some information.

As you know the price of gold (silver & platinum, too) has been
bouncing around like crazy, as I write this it's somewhere around
$1100. per ounce. This now means that the miscellaneous pieces of
broken serpentine chains (from the disco era!!), 1/2 pairs of
earrings, dented bangle bracelets, cracked rings, gold fillings and
more should be treated as found treasure for you. Most people have a
little box, or mini-ziplok bag stashed in a drawer somewhere of these
scraps. Maybe you've been thinking that these will sprout like magic
beans someday, OR, that the missing earring will eventually show up.
Better than magic beans, you can get cash for your little stash.

Now, one of the 'dirty' little secrets about this whole thing is
that you really don't know how much your 'stuff' is worth, you don't
know where to unload it & you don't know if you'll get a 'fair' amount
for it. It's kind of a blind area of the Gold Refining & Jewelry
business. Bottom line of this is that with most areas in the world of
fine jewelry, it's more important to have some kind of relationship
with someone/some business that will be straight forward with you. I
wish it was as simple as going to your local place & dropping your
little pile on a magic meter & it tell you what it's worth, but it's
not that easy with several variables, including:

1. Quality of Gold. The price of gold per ounce is based on PURE
100% (=24karat) Gold. Your 'scrap' gold from non jewelry can be
anywhere from 5%-40% pure. Your jewelry scrap can be anywhere from
30%-80% pure (14 karat is about 60% pure).

2. Evaluation of the Gold Purity. In order to determine what gold is
worth, we need to establish the purity of each separate item of gold
that your submit, the purity & then the amount of it are calculated to
give you a settlement figure. The testing process takes time & labor.

3. Refining or Recycling of the Gold. One real beauty about Gold is
that it's nearly 100% recyclable, meaning hardly any of the gold is
lost when refined back to a pure state. Here's an amazing piece of
trivia: Nearly all of the gold EVER mined on Earth (yea, going back to
the Egyptians!!) is still here somewhere! That's an amazing thought,
because the chain you're wearing or wedding band may have some piece
of gold in it that was worn by a Roman Senator or 17th Century Poet,
you get the idea, amazing, huh?? So there is an environmentally
sensitive process used in the cleaning of the gold so that it can then
be used again, perhaps in that new bracelet you might like!

So, now that you know a bit more about this process, here's how you
go gold mining in your own home. Go thru your drawers & secret hiding
places & dig out all that broken & unwanted jewelry and mail it to the
J.Factory 13400 Saticoy St. #1 North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA. We'll
evaluate it & call you with 'an offer to buy' and give you the option
of having a Credit with The Jewelry Factory for a future purchase, or
an immediate cash settlement, where we'll send you a check!

This is good in several ways, first, it gets you some cash in your
pocket without having to have a yard sale, second, it helps us because
we're now recycling one of the most precious metals on the planet into
new precious jewelry for our fans & clients.

Bruce Spiegel, President
www.jewelryfactory.com 800-421-0200 818-781-9486