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Classic Wedding Band Collection

Item #: Classic Wedding Bands
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    Half Round
        Comfort-Fit    Milgrain    Scooped Bands

    Half-Round    Comfort-Fit      Milgrain     Scooped Bands

    2mm–10mm     2mm–10mm     2mm–10mm   2.5mm–6mm
     Size 2–15       Size 2–15        Size 2–15      Size 5–15

    Flat    Square    Knife Edge    Luxecor<sup>™</sup> Bands

          Flat              Square          Knife Edge   Luxecor Bands

     2mm–10mm    2.5mm–6mm   2.5mm–6mm     4mm–8mm
      Size 2–15      Size 5–15       Size 5–15       Size 4–15