Anniversary Bands


Few jewelry designs say everlasting love like the diamond anniversary band. This category has really thrived in recent years, thanks to more available styles, a more sentimental national mood post 9-11, and a renaissance of classic looks.
An expression of love that delights the wearer every day is the diamond anniversary ring.
The diamond engagement ring came first. The wedding ring followed. Now is the time for the most perfect triplet to these sentimental favorites: the diamond anniversary band.
Your anniversary represents your lifetime commitment to one another. What better way to mark this milestone event and re-express your eternal love and commitment than with diamonds?
Anniversary rings have come a long way since their original incarnation as eternity rings with diamonds half-way or all the way around. They have evolved as styles changed. New entries into this category include classic three-stone designs, Journey Diamond themes and extraordinary combinations of colored gemstones and diamonds.
She's special in every way. Why not celebrate your love with the gift of an anniversary ring? But not just any anniversary ring, a special, three-stone ring, whose three sparkling gemstones symbolize the milestones of your relationship: past, present and future.