Antique Revival Piques Interest of Contemporary Brides

Nowadays, however, young women, even young women deeply in love, do not leave such crucial and long-term fashion decisions to young men – even young men so perfect as their prospective grooms. More and more soon-to-be engaged couples are selecting the woman’s engagement ring together. And jewelry designers, knowing that today’s brides are sophisticated, and tremendously style conscious, offer a larger selection of engagement rings than they did in years past when grooms did the choosing.
Diamonds still reign supreme but there is more variation is settings, shapes and even colors. On one end of the fashion spectrum there is a revival of interest in antique styles. Scrollwork, filigree settings and baguette accent gems characterize some of these looks. Platinum was widely used in the 1940s and 1950s as an engagement ring metal. Now, once again, its cool elegant look is gaining it adherents among stylish brides.
Another look receiving more notice of late is tension-settings. In rings with tension-set centerstones, the ring itself – rather than prongs or bezels or channels- holds the diamond in place. The effect is sleek, minimalist and dramatic. Colored diamonds – sunny yellows and fizzy pinks – are another trend, especially among Hollywood’s star brides-to-be.
Though more than ever, engagement rings are fashion accessories, they are also so much more – a symbol of love that will last a lifetime. And we always recommend that brides, however stylish, should not just follow the trends, but instead, follow their hearts.