Are Lab Grown or Created Diamonds real Diamonds?

Are man-made lab grown diamonds a real option for your engagement ring?

Yes, in so many important ways-

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainably
  • Conflict free, socially responsible
  • Look and wear is identical to mined diamonds
  • Certified and graded by international diamond gemological laboratories
  • Sold by your favorite fine jewelry retailers

Man-made lab grown diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds and can only be distinguished in a gemological laboratory. They are even cut and polished the same way mined diamonds are cut and polished.

Mined diamonds take billions of years to create deep below the earth’s surface. In some areas, volcanic activity has brought the diamonds closer to the surface but in most cases, we must mine down into the earth to find them and bring them up to the surface. This mining process means massive amounts of energy is required to move millions of tons of earth each year.

So, congratulations for considering the purchase of a man-made lab grown diamond. As exotic as the name might seem, there is very little to learn that is different than purchasing a mined diamond.

The first question most people ask is:

What is the difference between a man-made lab grown and a mined diamond?

The answer is simple. A man-made lab grown diamond is optically, physically and chemically the same as a mined diamond. The only difference is the gem’s birthplace or origin.

This commonly used analogy creates an easy reference for the difference:

Imagine that you wake up on a freezing morning and you step outside to find an icicle handing from your roof. That’s natural ice. Now, take the icicle indoors and put in into a plastic bag. A few hours later it has melted into the components of natural ice. Take the bag and place it into the freezer. In a few more hours you have man-made lab grown ice.

Man-Made Lab Grown diamonds are optically, chemically, physically the same as mined diamonds. The components (carbon) have been turned into diamond in a lab, just as your water was turned into ice in your freezer.

Are Man-Made Lab Grown Diamonds a new Phenomenon?

Actually, the first man-made lab grown diamonds were developed in the 1950’s by General Electric for industrial purposes. But the technology to create gem quality diamonds has only recently become available and they are now making their way to better jewelry stores throughout the USA.

Why buy a Man-Made Lab Grown diamond?

1. Price. Man-Made Lab Grown diamonds are typically 25% lower in price than mined diamonds.

2. Social Responsibility. Since these gems are produced in a controlled scientific environment, you are assured of owning a conflict free, environmentally friendly diamond.

Where should I buy a Man-Made Lab Grown diamond?

Man-Made Lab Grown diamonds are now available at fine jewelry stores throughout the USA and Canada.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Man-Made Lab Grown diamond, CZ, Moissonite, crystal,etc?
  • What is the difference between mined diamond and Man-Made Lab Grown diamond?
  • Will a Man-Made Lab Grown diamond scratch or fade over time?
  • What should I look for in a Man-Made Lab Grown diamond?
  • Are Man-Made Lab Grown Diamonds certified?

Answer: Those are diamond simulants. They look like or simulate diamonds. A Man-Made Lab Grown diamond is, in every respect, a diamond.

Answer: Origin

Answer: Absolutely not

Answer: Exactly what you’d look for in a mined diamond, color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Answer: Nearly all Man-Made Lab Grown diamonds do come with a grading report, commonly known as a gem lab certificate. The services that certify mined diamonds use the exact same criteria for man-made lab grown diamonds.

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