Be My Valentine

When Emperor Claudius II sought to increase his military base by forbidding young men to marry, Valentine performed clandestine ceremonies for desperate lovers. Ultimately caught and imprisoned, Valentine was executed on February 14, 270. That day, it’s said he sent a note to the prison guard’s daughter, thanking her for her friendship in his final days and signing it, ?Love, Your Valentine.? Centuries later, in France and England, it was believed that birds began their mating rituals on February 14th, further evidence that the day was destined for romance.

With the history of Valentine’s Day to set the mood, we present a special issue of our newsletter dedicated to romantic gifts. We believe this issue will be a valuable source of ideas and inspiration so you can find the perfect symbol of your love and affection this Valentine’s Day.The heart shape is, by far, the most versatile and popular love symbol. From the simple children’s valentine to the most elegant heart-shaped jewels, a heart in any form is accepted shorthand for ?I Love You.?When you’re shopping for Valentine jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a heart.  Whether in a slide, a necklace, a brooch, a bangle, a charm, a locket, or one of the new Journey Diamond Jewelry pendants, the heart instantly tells someone you love just how much you care.

Diamond studs and gemstone dangles have become welcome Valentine gifts for special friends. Since diamond studs have become acceptable fashion statements of young men as well as young women in larger cities, they are very popular with teens and young professionals as pre-engagements gifts of love.For married couples, the anniversary band can be given as a Valentine gift, as well as an anniversary gift. When the message is love, the exact anniversary timing is less important than the thought.

In Christian circles, the Cross has always been a symbol of spiritual love. These days, cross pendants can be given to children and teens in simpler styles, and to women of all ages in gem-studded and filigreed versions. For every person you love, there’s a special gem or jewel that will provide an elegant expression of your feelings at any budget level. See the other stories in this issue, and ask us to show you the full range of classic Valentine gifts available.