Can’t-Miss Diamonds: Guys, Valentine’s Day Cries Out for a Romantic Gift

Though one never needs a special occasion to present fine jewelry, Valentine’s Day seems to cry out for a gift rich in romantic symbolism. And, of course, the perennial symbol of love is the beautiful, flawless diamond.

Though diamond engagement rings are the number-one Valentine’s Day diamond purchase, there are dozens of diamond rings that deliver plenty of sentiment but stop short of saying ?marry me.? Celebs from Sarah Jessica Parker to Cameron Diaz love the right-hand ring, and without the limitations of ?engagement ring? thinking, you can have fun choosing something that best suits the personality of the woman in your life. Fleur-de-lis, diamond bows, banded designs and myriad other designs dazzle just as much as a solitaire.

If diamonds anywhere near the left hand make you nervous, don’t worry: A diamond solitaire pendant has just as much pizzazz without any of the inherent symbolism of a ring. Round, emerald and square cuts are simple, but versatile choices for women, while younger wearers may prefer heart-shaped or initial pendants. For a more meaningful statement, try three-stone (representing past, present, and future) or Journey (with multiple stones increasing in size) jewelry. Now more classics than trends, these designs have moved far beyond the traditional linear; buyers can choose anything from contemporary bezel-set stones to prong-set dangling diamonds without sacrificing sentiment or style.

Earrings are appropriate for all ages, but if this is the recipient’s first pair of ear diamonds, we recommend diamond studs, a jewelry box staple. Even at their simplest, studs are nothing less than stunning, and individualizing shape, style and setting will give them a personal touch. If she’s already got studs covered, have fun choosing hoops, dangles or chandeliers that she can wear when she wants a little more glamour with her business suit or LBD (little black dress).

If you want to be a bit less traditional ? or if you’ve already given your girl diamond earrings and a pendant ? choose a diamond bracelet, an accessory that says ?luxury? in a way that simple studs just don’t. No longer just for tennis, diamond bracelets can be as bold as a diamond-encrusted cuff or as delicate as a gold chain with a single diamond charm.

Don’t forget about colored diamonds if you’re looking for a different take on the traditional. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong because not only are diamonds timeless, they go with everything.