Care and Cleaning


  • With proper care, your fine jewelry can last a lifetime. Here are eight tips to help you keep the sparkle in your most precious possessions:
  • With the proper care, your fine jewelry will last for generations. Your beloved heirloom pearl necklace, worn so beautifully by your grandmother in that fragile sepia-toned photo, will be every bit as striking years hence when you pass it down to your own granddaughter.
  • Some gemstones are considerably more fragile and delicate than others. Emeralds, opals, pearls, tanzanite, peridot, tourmaline and others require careful selection and loving maintenance to ensure that they keep their beauty.        
  • Sterling silver has several advantages as a setting for fine jewelry. It's less expensive than gold or platinum, so big, bold looks are affordable; it looks particularly striking with certain hair and skin colorations; often teamed with yellow gold, it's a natural accompaniment to stones such as pearls, onyx, garnets, amethyst and turquoise. 
  • Wedding and engagement rings are symbols of endless love. Fittingly, they frequently feature diamonds because - as the hardest known substance - these glittering gems are as enduring as they are beautiful. With proper care, diamonds can be truly everlasting.
  • Fine jewelry is usually impressively durable, but that does not mean it doesn't need care. A few simple steps will help keep your jewelry bright and unblemished for many years to come.