Caring For Your Heirloom Jewelry

Unlike, say, oil paintings, jewelry does not require perfect conditions of temperature and humidity to retain its beauty and value over time. With just a little bit of tender loving care, your fine jewelry will last many lifetimes. Here is a primer on jewelry care:

– Keep jewelry in a jewelry box with a soft fabric lining or in individual fabric pouches. Jewelry boxes should be compartmentalized to prevent scratches and tangled chains. Diamonds are the hardest gemstones, and diamond jewelry, in particular, can leave scratches on other gems in your collection.

– Everyday chemicals can have a damaging effect on pearls, turquoise, opal, amber and various other gemstones. Cosmetics and perfumes should not be applied to parts of the body where they will touch your gemstone jewelry. The chlorine in water can be detrimental; do not swim or shower while wearing the more fragile gemstones. Excessive heat is also to be avoided, so blow-dry your hair before putting on jewelry.

– To minimize tarnishing, sterling silver should be stored in a tarnish-proof cloth and cleaned regularly with a soft, cotton cloth. To remove tarnish, a silver paste cleaner may be required. Be particularly careful if your silver jewelry contains gemstones; some cleaners can damage gems.

– Ask us to check your fine jewelry annually for loosened settings, broken clasps and the like. Make sure all your watches are keeping good time. Periodically restring pearl necklaces, depending on how often they are worn. If their knots are discolored or the necklace appears stretched, it’s definitely time to do so.

– And finally, if you have any question about jewelry cleaners or jewelry care, consult with us. We’re experts and we’re here to help.