Celebrate Your Diamond Journey

The basic design of the jewelry involves four or more diamonds in sizes graduating from smaller to larger, mounted in swirling rhythmic styles. The first series of Journey Diamond jewels to be introduced featured four- or five-stone designs. These jewels proved perfect for couples in the beginning phases of their life’s journeys, as well as those who are starting over in their new lives with new partners.

Recently, another line of Journey Diamond Jewels has been introduced to honor the more mature and enduring loves. These bold and innovative styles feature six to eight graduated diamonds in gorgeous settings designed for the sophisticated woman who knows what she wants, and for the man who wants to make an even bigger statement.

The new line has larger diamonds in more opulent settings, while maintaining the organic feeling of the life’s journey concept. These jewels make a perfect gift for wedding anniversaries, to symbolize the growing love and respect the couple has developed for each other through the years. Besides the original pendants and earrings, you will find gorgeous bracelets, rings and brooches that have been added to the line. The selection of Journey Diamond jewels is larger and more diverse than ever, and can be gifted at any stage of a couple’s ?journey.?