Celebrity Proposals: The Quiz

(Answers at the bottom).

1. Which of these jewels did Paul Newman give Joanne Woodward for their wedding?
a. A diamond necklace
b. A cheap silver band
c. An antique diamond wedding ring
d. All of the above

2. From which famous jeweler did Jack Kennedy get Jackie’s square-cut diamond and emerald engagement ring?
a. Harry Winston
b. Cartier
c. Van Cleef & Arpels
d. Tiffany’s

3. Which of these celebrity husbands bought his wife wedding and engagement jewelry from Sears on her mother’s credit card?
a. Elvis Presley for Priscilla Beaulieu
b. Carl Dean for Dolly Parton
c. Bruce Willis for Demi Moore
d. Desi Arnaz for Lucille Ball

4. Which of these celebrity couples exchanged plain gold wedding bands, along with their vows in Hebrew?
a. Mary Tyler Moore and Robert Levine
b. Maria Schriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger
c. Harriet Hilliard and Ozzie Nelson
d. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

5. Which of these royal ladies received pearl and diamond engagement rings, plus a dark navy sapphire ring from her betrothed, plus a diamond necklace and tiara as wedding gifts from her mother-in-law?
a. Queen Zain of Jordan (Lisa Halaby)
b. Princess Grace of Monaco
c. Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of York
d. Empress Masako of Japan

6. What did Florence Joyner do when Al Griffith asked her to marry him with a two-carat diamond engagement ring?
a. Ran 100 meters
b. Told him to go away
c. Cried for 45 minutes
d. Took the ring to to be appraised

Answers: 1(d), 2(c), 3(b), 4(a), 5(d), 6(c) (Information derived from “Marry Me! Courtships and Proposals of Legendary Couples,” Angel City Press, Santa Monica, Calif.)