Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring Diamond & Setting

Whether it’s a diamond she selected for herself or a surprise from her fiancé, today’s bride has almost unlimited options in the shape and design of her engagement ring. Her style can be classic or contemporary, retro or futuristic; there is sure to be a perfect ring for her.

Consider the Size of Her Hand
Since she will probably wear the ring every day, it’s important to take into consideration the size of her hand and fingers. For a small, delicate hand, a simple solitaire might be the best option. A round brilliant always looks right, but consider an oval or pear shape to create the illusion of length on her finger. You don’t want to overpower a small hand with a ring that looks bulky, so look for a flatter design that rests closely on the hand. If she has long, thin fingers, the best design would be a ring with a wider band or a fuller shank. The length of her fingers can support the larger setting and the most flattering look will be a ring that is more horizontal than vertical in design. In terms of diamond shapes, good choices are a princess cut, heart shape or pear.

What’s Best for a Fuller Hand?
For a fuller hand with larger fingers, consider an emerald cut, a marquise or perhaps an oval. Go for a bold look in which the center diamond is accented by engraved or filigreed gold or a sprinkling of smaller diamonds. If she has short fingers, whether slender or wide, choose a design that is taller than it is wide and a diamond with a slightly elongated shape to create the illusion of length.

Accenting the Average Hand
Finally, for a hand of average size, add some sort of side interest to the center stone such as lacy filigree, micropavé or tapered baguettes. The accent of smaller diamonds and  intricate metalwork not only will enhance her hand but will create a more striking silhouette.