Colors of Love

Over the centuries, pink-to-red garnets, spinels, and sapphires, as well as mineral gems such as rhodochrosite, rose quartz, and pink lace agates were added to the list of gems that were supposed to work on the heart ? both romantically and physically.

When pink-to-red tourmalines were discovered in the latter part of the 19th century, they, too, were considered to be energy stones that would promote both physical heart health and romantic passion. In Victorian England, rose quartz charms or pendants were often given to young girls to help maintain their innocence, and keep them from impure thoughts. Rose quartz was also thought to heal heartache from lost love.

Pink or ?angel flesh? coral was often hung over a baby’s crib to protect the baby from illness or evil. So it was only natural that when Valentine’s Day became a holiday of the heart, pink and red became the primary colors of the day. Though the diamond has secured its position as the premier gem symbolizing commitment and eternal love, rubies, pink tourmalines, pink sapphires, red and Rhodolite garnets, and red spinel have retained their long-held places as the gems of the heart.

Pink diamonds have been added to the list recently, as they were not accessible in quantity for many centuries.By the same traditions, rings, hearts and teardrop shapes have come to represent different aspects of love or romance. While the ring has become an eternity symbol of never-ending love, the heart shape has come to be used for every gradation of love from deep friendship and familial love to burning passion.

A heart-shaped jewel is just as appropriate for a beloved grandmother as it is for a baby or teenager, a lover or a close friend. The heart is one of the most versatile shapes used in jewelry today, with both materials and styles representing every age group and degree of love one could imagine.The 20th century saw new formulas developed for both pink and red gold alloys that add color and charm to Valentine jewels. Two-tone and tri-color gold jewels have become increasingly popular as more gold colors become obtainable.