Diamond Anniversary Rings: A Fitting Tribute to Marriage

Some are known as eternity rings because they encircle the finger in diamonds with no beginning or end. Others are similar in style to diamond wedding bands and are purchased often as a fancier alternative to the simpler ring presented at the marriage ceremony years earlier. Diamond anniversary bands may feature diamonds only part of the way around the band.
Today’s diamond anniversary rings come in a range of styles, settings and diamond shapes. Traditional, channel-set-diamond bands, and heirloom pavé-encrusted styles are popular, as are rings in which the stones are bar-set, but the newest look is the three-stone ring.
Making quite an impact, the three stones may be the same in size, or the center stone may be larger, flanked by two similarly-shaped smaller stones, and mounted higher to make it more prominent. Round, brilliant-cut diamonds and princess-cut diamonds (which mimics the dazzle of a brilliant-cut, but in a square shape) are popular stone shapes for three-stone rings.
Baguette or emerald-shape stones are another option, and although less radiant because of their elongated, step-like facets, they are elegant in their simplicity. Any diamond shape is appropriate for a three-stone ring. A woman’s favorite shape will be the one that looks best on her hand. Pear, marquise and oval shapes look best on long fingers.
White-gold or platinum settings make most diamonds look larger, but yellow mountings are becoming fashionable again. There’s also the combination setting in which the prongs or bezel that hold the stones are white and the ring’s shank is yellow. It’s best to coordinate the mounting’s color, metal content, and styling with the features of a woman’s engagement ring, so that they look well when worn together. Diamond anniversary bands and three-stone rings commemorate a wedding anniversary beautifully and are the perfect tribute to marriage!