Diamond Jewelry


  • Introducing the Right-Hand Ring. It's the newest trend in women's jewelry and we applaud the concept.
  • You've probably seen the romantic commercials about the new Journey Diamond Jewelry that has been sweeping the country. Couples everywhere have been celebrating the growth of their love, and their life journey together with these beautiful new styles.         
  • This season, another sure-fire gift idea that's guaranteed to make your wife or significant other smile from ear to ear is the diamond line bracelet.
  • Perennially classic, diamonds never fall from fashion, but current trends have given them some eye-popping new looks. Recent discoveries of rich sources of larger diamonds have made diamonds of a half carat or more available in both greater quantity and quality, assuring these dazzlers an attention-grabbing place in the oversized jewelry movement.
  • The number three has always had some sort of special magic to it, and this year the three-stone motif in fine jewelry is expected to be more fashionable than ever.
  • Once upon a time, a lady was supposed to wait for the man in her life to present her with a ring for a special occasion: betrothal, marriage, birthday, anniversary.
  • The concept that a couple's love grows over time is the central theme of an exciting, new category of fine jewelry ? Journey Diamonds. The design theme that links our Journey Diamond collection ? which includes pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets ? is a series of at least four graduated diamonds, representing the bloom of love and commitment as a couple makes its journey through life together.
  • It's not unusual for jewelry to acquire sentimental value over time, but Journey Diamond gifts convey heartfelt meaning from the moment they're opened. Uniquely designed to symbolize the ever-increasing strength of a couple's love, a Journey gift is never less than the perfect gift. 
  • For several years now, one of the hottest diamond trends has been the three-stone ring. This classic piece, which has its roots in Victorian times, has enjoyed a major revival with many of today's couples as the style of choice for both their engagement and anniversary rings.
  • Here's a great new idea for the woman who loves diamonds. The Diamond Right Hand Ring, a piece that speaks to the individual woman's personality and sense of style.
  • If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then a diamond necklace certainly gives the relationship the attention it deserves. Astonishingly simple and superlatively stylish, the diamond solitaire is an essential accessory that shows off this white hot stone to its most brilliant advantage.
  • The diamond solitaire, for all its simplicity, is jewelry at its most mesmerizing. Though the rich and famous might sport diamond pendants of mammoth proportions (Catherine Zeta-Jones famously wore a 50-carat Asscher-cut to a recent installment of the Golden Globes), solitaires are not a luxury reserved for the upper class.
  • Past. Present. Future. This is the romantic message behind the three-stone diamond ring, the perfect symbol of your eternal love for one another, and the enduring commitment you share.