Diamonds Steal the Heart

Great designs feature stylized heart pendants in all sizes, either with a single diamond-adorned heart, or with several hearts in graduated sizes. Heart-shaped stud earrings and even linear diamond earrings are a delightful alternative to the necklace.

If she’s a hoop-lover, consider a heart-shaped hoop set with diamonds. If bracelets are her thing, consider a tennis bracelet of heart-shaped diamonds. If hearts are not her style, other choices abound.

Fashion and versatility are key, but so is timeless beauty. Classic elegance reigns supreme in today’s wonderful floral motifs, such as vines and leaves, which are incredibly romantic when pavéd with diamonds. These vines and florals make great long earrings, superb necklaces and wonderful rings that creep up the finger.

Other looks to seek include knots (emblematic of the love knot), circles and figure eights (symbolizing eternal love) or powerful geometrics. The nature theme is also a statement-maker, and tells that special someone that you do pay attention to the things in life that they love, as well.

Why not consider items from our new Journey Diamond collection, featuring pendants with a series of graduated diamonds that symbolizes how love grows over time.Although diamonds look great in all colors of gold, they are most often found in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold settings.

What? She’s not the white diamond type? Fear not. Wonderful colored diamond jewelry has its own allure. Consider giving pink diamonds ? perfect for Valentine’s Day, or canary yellow if she’s the fiery type. So this Valentine’s Day, go for diamonds ? the ultimate heart-grabber.