Earrings Are the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Earrings tell a mood via style, length, color or pattern. They convey a sense of personality and individuality. While a necklace or bracelet are typically more expensive, earrings can be found in any price range and can tell the woman in your life any message you want to convey.

Today’s styles range from chic to romantic, from serious to whimsical. Looking for the simple, ?thanks-for-all you-do? gift, try a gold hoop or stud, or a long drop earring that tells her you notice her style.

If a husband needs to impart a more loving message to his wife, he should consider diamond and gemstone earrings, or heart hoops with diamond-studded sides. Styles range from diamond-and-gemstone earrings to florals and romantic vine-and-leaf patterns.

Geometrics are all the rage, with circles that emulate everlasting love being a key theme. Hearts, stars and moons are also strong designs. There are so many superb earrings on today’s market that choices abound. In fact, there are so many possibilities that it may be difficult to decide, so before running to the store, take a close look at the intended gift recipient and take note. Does she seem to prefer yellow, white or rose gold, or perhaps platinum? Does she seem to like long earrings or studs? Does she seem to like gemstones of a particular color? Does she seem to have an abundance of a certain color and maybe she needs a new hue thrown into the mix? Does she like a certain theme, such as hearts, flowers, animals or circles? It’s easy to surprise and delight mom with earrings this Mother’s Day.

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