Engagement Ring Can Define Your Individuality

The Stone. Round diamonds continue to be the most popular shape, but more brides-to-be are considering fancy options ? including princesses, ovals, pears and marquises. The color. Forward-thinking couples are stepping out of the box by choosing fabulous colored diamonds (often pink or yellow) as a center stone of their engagement rings. Others are looking at fine colored gemstones. If this option sounds intriguing, here’s a tip… Consider the bride’s coloring. An emerald might look especially elegant on a red-haired woman; a woman with bright blue eyes might favor a sapphire. A colored gem centerstone in a pavé diamond setting is considered very stylish.
The Metal. For most of the 20th century, platinum or white gold were considered the most proper metals for an engagement ring, with yellow gold gaining popularity in the past couple of generations. Today, the style pendulum has swung toward white metals again. Progressive designers are supporting this trend by offering ?alternative? white metals, such as tungsten, titanium and palladium. Another fashionable and interesting look is the combination of metal colors, where platinum is teamed with 18-karat gold.
The Design. While some couples prefer a timeless, classic design, others like an engagement ring that’s very much in step with contemporary fashion. Tell us what you have in mind. We’ll be happy help you to design a ring that incorporates style elements, themes or symbols that define who you are.