Finding the Perfect Diamond Anniversary Band

Originally conceived as a 25th anniversary gift, most couples are discovering this elegant, romantic ring is equally as desired for the first, second or third, or any anniversary!Styles cover a huge range, from the understated to the eye-popping. Among today’s popular classics are tubular bands encrusted with diamond pavé or sleek, flatter bands sparkling with rows of channel-set diamonds. Some of the newest designs in this category are tiny, stackable models, which can be worn as one or several bands.
For the most unique look, choose one with white diamonds, one with fancy yellow diamonds and one with unusual champagne-color diamonds. To capture the romantic meaning of the ring, some designers have created anniversary rings made with two intertwined bands to symbolize the love and union of two people. They can be as simple as a two-band ring of white and yellow gold dotted with diamonds or a dramatic, sculptural style in which one band arcs over or wraps around the other.
Other designers head straight for the emotions, incorporating hearts, circles of life, floral themes or leafy tendrils in the designs. The best part of the diamond anniversary ring is its variety: It can follow the lines of the wedding set or take an entirely different look. For example, a woman owning a solitaire engagement ring and a plain wedding band can opt for a anniversary ring completely encircled with fancy-cut diamonds.
Some of the most modern designs are completely asymmetrical, with overlapping elements, diamonds set at opposing angles, even several different diamond shapes in a single ring.Whatever her choice or personal style, there is sure to be a perfect diamond anniversary ring with which to celebrate your life together. Our sales professionals are eager to show you our collections of new designs hand-picked from a range of international sources.