Gemstones From Around the World

Diamond. This hardest element known to man is indigenous to Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada and Brazil.

Ruby. Highly desirable varieties are found in Myanmar (Burma). They’re also mined in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and East Africa (Tanzania).

Sapphire. The most valuable cornflower-blue variety is found in Kashmir (India). Also, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, USA, Brazil and China.

Emerald. Finest specimens come from Columbia; Brazil and Africa.

Amethyst. Brazil, Russia and Canada.

Aquamarine. Brazil, Africa, and Pakistan. Chalcedony (including Agate, Jasper, Carnelian, Black Onyx). Brazil, India and Uruguay.

Citrine. Brazil, Bolivia and Spain. Coral. Organic gemstone found in waters off the coast of the Western Mediterranean countries, Red Sea, Malaysia, Japan and Hawaii. Garnet. Brazil, Russia, East Africa and India.

Iolite. India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Brazil. Jade or Jadeite. China.

Lapis Lazuli. Afghanistan.

Opal. Australia and Brazil for white varieties, Australia for black, Mexico for fire opals.

Pearl. Organic gem harvested from shallow coastal waters off Japan, China, the South Pacific and Australia.

Peridot. USA (Arizona), Myanmar, China and Pakistan. Spinel. Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Tanzanite. Tanzania (East Africa).

Topaz. Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Africa and China. Tourmaline. Brazil, Afghanistan, East Africa and USA.

Turquoise. Iran (most valuable sky-blue variety), Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Israel, Mexico, Tanzania and USA.

Zircon. Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia.