Getting Engaged??

"Are you serious? Really going to do this ?"

I always ask this of my clients first. Are you sure you want to ask her (him) to marry you? They're the "right one?" Really? Wow, this is important. If you're not sure, save some time, money & heartache and just wait a while. But if you're really sure, then let's get started

I'm Bruce Spiegel, president of & your "brother in law in the jewelry business." Whether you buy your engagement ring or jewelry from us or not, I'd like you to benefit from our experiences and help you make the purchasing of the diamond, the design of the ring & your "moment of truth" to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

The Most Psychologically Powerful Gift From One Person To Another."

My above quote has been used by many major magazines & TV Shows when talking about your engagement ring, because it really is one of the truth. So, let's remember that your engagement ring is your promise ring for your commitment & that your wedding will be your time to stand together and make your life commitment together. Ok, enough of that from me, you can call Dr. Phil if you need help in those areas. Back to rings. (I'll be using "she & her" for your intended, but realize that engagements can work many ways, for a woman to ask a man and for others serious about their commitment to their partners) It's about her. It's all about her. The ring will be hers. She'll be wearing it every day on her finger. Don't make the mistake of going into some store, buying a style YOU think is cool & expecting her to be happy. Ever try to buy her a pair of shoes? Oh yea, that'll go over big!!

I want you to have success in this, so follow a few of my suggestions, have fun with it because this is a very special thing you're doing & it will create memories that will last a life time. ( I know after 30 years of my own awesome marriage!).

The secret to getting her to say "yes" is..........

You, be the right guy, with the right intentions, the right character and the right commitment to create not only a great life for her, but a great life for you both! With that in mind, your engagement ring, to her, is just simply the symbol of what's in your heart. (Since guys don't talk a lot, the ring will say it all, believe me, diamonds speak quite well for us. Just try getting in some trouble down the line & using a pair of diamond earrings to get you out of the dog house! (works like a charm, I should know!)

Oh yea, and she'll say yes when you give her the biggest, brightest, sparkliest diamond that you can muster up. Oh yea, bigger is better, always. Don't let advertising fool you. Just ask her friends.

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