Heart-Themed Jewelry Says So Much in Such a Personal Way

Ranging from platinum to gold to sterling silver, heart motifs are incredibly coveted this year. While fashion and versatility are key in most jewelry, heart necklaces are timeless and can be both a classic statement and, at the same time, a modern, trend-setting statement, depending on the design.

Necklaces and bracelets are particularly important in a range of selections. Among the most prominent designs are slip-knot types, where the bar end of the necklace slips through the heart and adds drama and beauty. Often these bars are accented by a row of diamonds or a single colored stone. Also important are necklaces with a single, flat or slightly rounded heart hanging from it.

The most popular bracelets of today mime this look, with a single hanging heart charm. An alternative to the single-drop heart necklace or bracelet, are multi-links of gold heart-shapes that form a necklace or bracelet. These styles range from small heart necklaces to larger heart necklaces, often with the center heart pavéd in diamonds.

Another stunning look is the pavé diamond open-worked hearts that interlock and drop from one another to form a pendant necklace, or string together on the wrist to form a bracelet. For the true statement of passion and commitment, look to a tennis bracelet of heart-shaped diamonds, or a necklace of graduated sizes of heart-shaped diamonds culminating in a center stone that is breathless.

In earrings, the classically beautiful statement is the single heart-shaped diamond stud – available in all sizes. For a more fashion-forward look, long single-chain gold drop earrings with a heart at the bottom are very impressive. Similarly heart dangles, where graduated sizes of two or three hearts hang long against the neck and make an alluring statement.

Additionally, all of these stunning heart designs are equally as alluring in colored gemstones, particularly in pink sapphires or tourmalines. The pastel beauty of these stones in heart-shapes or pavéd on a heart are genuinely warm and inviting. Similarly, rubies make a truly romantic statement in heart jewelry and offer classic elegance.

So, when it comes to love, have a heart.