History of Fine Jewelry


  • Historical details regarding fine jewelry are often sketchy, but one thing is certain: We've been adorning ourselves with precious metal and jewels for more than 5,000 years.

  • The appreciation of beauty and the desire for adornment are intrinsic to our human nature, and the history of jewelry is a long one.

  • There's no question that jewelry inspired with themes of faith is popular today. You can see beautiful pieces in the mall, market, school and work. But it may surprise you that this fascinating and rich tradition was even more popular in centuries past.

  • The engagement ring that symbolizes the eternal love of two people who have pledged to join together in marriage actually dates back to the 15th century.

  • The world's most famous diamonds have led lives rich in history, drama and royal intrigue.

  • Because of their rarity and beauty, large diamonds have a mystical and romantic allure that make them the perfect stuff of legend ? both historical and fictional. Films from ?The Pink Panther? (which was a diamond, not an inspector) to ?Titanic? have used rare gems to drive story lines, but in the real world, the tales are no less fascinating.