How To Get Your Spouse to Buy YOU Jewelry!

What do you mean, your guy doesn’t buy you jewelry???

Why MEN don't buy their partners (women/girlfriends/wives/sigOthers or whatever) any jewelry!

There can be a lot of reasons he doesn't buy you jewelry for occasions and believe it or not, you're probably to blame, if not fully, at least partially. Most guys have a hard time coming up with gift ideas anyways, but jewelry, wow, that's tough. When a guy buys a gift, he wants to be a hero, he wants to get it right, he wants to be recognized for his efforts. With the purchase of jewelry, guys can be wrong in a zillion different ways.

Wrong color gold, wrong gemstone, wrong size diamond, wrong size ring, wrong shape diamond, wrong thing (you love bracelets, don't like earrings, or vice versa. Many times, a guy has tried to buy something in the past and gotten it wrong (easy with all these choices), and you let him know it was wrong; or were disappointed; or threw it against the wall. OUCH, that's a bruised ego to the ninth power!

Sometimes he got you something that was the wrong size & it ended up being a big deal to make it right, thus, becoming a hassle & the hero has to "make it right." Maybe he just got you something that was off mark & you let him know. Can you think of an instance where something like this happened? (email me with these, I'm curious!)

Any of these situations can make it "painful" for a man to purchase jewelry. If it's painful OR he feels he can't WIN, he won't play the game. He won't go online & shop for you, won't go to a jewelry store, because he associates buying you jewelry with NOT WINNING.

You need to help him win. He wins, you win, we all win. Make him the hero & you'll get his appreciation, everytime.

How can I change this situation??

Believe it or not, the jewelry industry has spent zillions of bucks trying to figure out who's buying what, when, where & for how much. We work together to come up with amazing promotions to make it easy for guys to come up with reasons to buy jewelry. Whether for Diamond Stud Earrings, Solitaire Diamond Necklaces, Three Stone Diamond Rings (past/present/future), Diamond Engagement Rings and on and on.

A recent study showed that 71% of Women desired Diamond Jewelry as THEE gift for an anniversary. I would think it'd be higher, but some of you want new food processors, new kitchen counters, T.V.'s,cars, vacations and other silly things besides jewelry (imagine that!). Of the 71% who desired the diamond jewelry, do you know that LESS THAN 6% actually received that anniversary diamond gift. Whew, that's a big difference. Is that similar to your situation, or that of your friends? Big difference. SO, how can we change that? What can we do to improve your odds of getting that new piece of diamond jewelry? Let's brainstorm.
1. One suggestion is to let him know what you'd like on your next occasion. With you can send items to your social networks on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yahoo & Windows Live! Perhaps better yet, is find your next piece of jewelry online, then go old school, print a copy of an enlarged photo of it & put it on your refridgerator, don't even bother to say anything, what do they say, 'a picture's worth 1000 words right!!.' He'll consciously or unconsciously notice it & ask where it came from, but you might just have the link on the photo!
Another great idea is to make a file folder & fill it with pictures of future gift ideas for him in all price ranges, that way when an occasion is coming up, you simply just slip that folder in with the mail, his MAXIM Magazine, or bathroom reading materials, DON'T WORRY ABOUT BEING SUBTLE. Subtle hints get passed by most of the time. Remember, we're trying to accomplish two things: 1)Get the jewelry you want (the first time) & 2)Have your spouse be the 'HERO' for making you happy. It works, believe me!! Got anymore ideas for me, email me by clicking my name, let me know, we'll keep adding them!!
some more tips on gift giving & getting!
LADIES READ HERE (men read below)
Ok, just between you & me, the holidays are coming and you may or may not have a 'clueless' guy on your hands (now stop that!) but, believe me, he needs some help. For most of the guys, shopping for something special in the huge world of jewelry is pretty confusing. So, make it easy for him. Have you ever done a gift file for him with your clothes sizes & finger sizes? What about adding photos of ads that you've seen? Guess what, here's the 'trojan horse method; make a Word Document with that info in it & email it to him with the name 'Gift Ideas for (you)' on it. Hee hee! Couldn't hurt to put a picture of you in there, that way if you ever go missing, he'll have that in there too!! (just kidding!) This idea works for all sorts of other gift items too. Vacations, restaurants, lingerie, cars, lingerie, get it? If this is too subtle for your partner, pix on the fridge is a good back up plan. It's all about communication and letting each other know the best ways to put a smile on your face and adding that bit of romance all the time!!
OK, it's getting near that time of year when it's time to give some thought for holiday gifts. I'm only qualified to speak about jewelry, so here's a few handy hints to make your shopping a bit less painful this year, unless you're one of those guys that really likes shopping. Regardless of what your budget is, we want to hit the WOW factor on the head. You know what I mean, it's that look she has when she opens the gift you give her. Women are all about emotion and most of us guys (yea I'm qualified in that department too!) are not real big on expressing our feelings. That's precisely why Jewelry was invented; it can say the things you'd like to, but more eloquently. If your partner has left you a stack or folder of photos to look thru, you've got some ideas already, if not, try observing for a few days, like what earrings is she wearing?? what color gold (or silver) does she prefer, is she wearing the same rings each day? does she like certain colors? what's she wearing around her neck?? These questions may have you think about ideas for what she might like to have as her next piece of jewelry. Diamond stud earrings, 'Journey of Love' necklaces (have graduated diamonds to show that love grows), Three stone Diamond rings or pendants (which represent your past, present & future), Solitaire pendants, diamond hoops & colorful watches are all solid ideas. By the way, if you might want something new in a bracelet, ring or watch, try finding something you like on the web & email it to her, or print a picture & leave it laying around on one of your piles at home.

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