How to Make Your Marriage Proposal Truly Memorable

The key to cinching the marriage proposal is to make it both memorable and meaningful, so that it will become the cornerstone of your romantic history together. Today both men and women can pop the question. Although it’s traditional for the man to propose, women don’t have to wait for Sadie Hawkins day to ask their man to marry them!
Creativity abounds in amazing marriage proposals. They don’t have to cost a fortune; often they hint at what life together might be like. Some of the best proposals surprise the intended with a ring, which adds to the excitement. (Women can surprise their man with a watch, a traditional female-to-male engagement gift.) Don’t get so carried away with the moment, though, that you take your eye off the ring or other engagement gift. Keep it with you at all times to prevent any mishaps.
Place a toy ring in a cake presented to your intended, but never the real thing. The evening could end in tragedy if the real diamond engagement ring is stolen in a restaurant kitchen or lost – believe it or not – during a skydiving or underwater proposal! (Some proposals go off the deep end!) For those who want to tell the whole world their feelings, there are public proposals, such as popping the question on the scoreboard at the ballpark, on a billboard at your highway exit, or skywriting it over the beach.
These require an investment of more than just love! Others prefer a quieter approach, and may choose to create a scrabble game that spells out Will You Marry Me?? tile by tile. Whatever your approach, ask straight from the heart and seal the deal with a diamond engagement ring or meaningful keepsake, and you’re sure to live happily ever after.