It’s Graduation Day: Create a Memory

Each time the graduation gift is worn through the years, it will bring back so many happy times, and the feeling of completion, growth, change and excitement that marks each important milestone of life.

You might want to revive the elegant tradition of building a set of matching pearl jewelry, beginning with small pearl earrings for graduation from junior high. Even the youngest of ladies enjoys lustrous pearls to enhance their fashion looks.

Pearl studs, dangles, or a hoop with one perfect pearl are three of the most popular styles for pre-teen and teen graduates.

Add a pearl choker or single-strand necklace for high school graduation, then a longer pearl necklace or matching bracelet at the completion of college to provide happy memories and a versatile jewelry set for many graduating young women.

Your jeweler has affordably elegant Panache? freshwater cultured pearls in all the styles and sizes to please everyone from your preferred pre-teen to that very special new MBA or PhD.

Another stylish memory-maker is a pair of scroll earrings in the latest fashion colors. Select from wonderful gems like sapphire, amethyst, iolite or topaz in a lovely gold scroll setting that symbolizes successfully graduating to a new stage of life.

This June, celebrate the achievements of the graduates in your life by giving them jewels that will carry the triumphant memories of this day into the rest of their lives.