It’s New! The Right Hand Ring

While it’s always wonderful to receive a ring from a significant other, times have changed. This year, one of the hottest trends on the jewelry scene is the Right Hand Ring.

This ring, as suggested by its name, is intended to be worn on the right hand, apart from traditional bridal rings. The other major difference in this ring, however, is that the buyer and wearer are often the same person!

A new jewelry item intended as a personal statement of style and status, the Right Hand Ring is perfect for women who love jewelry and have the financial wherewithal to buy it for themselves. Most often, it’s a diamond ring, but it can be any style, any material.

Among the newest right hand rings are classically elegant designs in platinum or white gold set with diamonds. Braided, woven or lacy, they are fairly wide, but feminine and delicate because of their openwork construction. Some have a larger center diamond, others several matched stones, and still others are entirely pavé.

Many women opt to coordinate the style of the right hand ring with their wedding and engagement rings; others want something totally different. The choice is yours. Select your favorite gemstone surrounded by diamonds, a three-stone ring with a prominent center stone or a multicolored fantasy that brightens every outfit.

Let our sales professionals help you choose the perfect Right Hand Ring for you, as a testament to your taste and a celebration of your style.