Journey Diamond Jewelry Symbolizes How Love Grows

With approximately 59 million married couples in the United States, the Diamond Trading Company (the folks who brought you ?A Diamond Is Forever?) and we agree that Journey Diamond Jewelry is the perfect way for them to express their feelings. Expect to see the Journey Diamond ad campaign on television and in leading magazines this holiday season.

More importantly, wait until you see the jewelry offerings that designers are turning out to embrace the concept. We believe Journey Diamond Jewelry is the most exciting trend to hit the diamond category since the Past-Present-Future theme was introduced in 2000. This page shows just a small sample of what is available.

Journey Diamond necklaces are found predominantly in pendant forms that lend themselves well to the graduated diamond design. They range from straight drops of graduated brilliant, marquise and even oval diamonds, to unusual zigzags of gold or platinum with diamonds set between them. One of our favorites is a circle pendant with round graduated diamonds set along one half of the curve. There are many levels of symbolism in the piece because the circle represents ?eternity? or ?the circle of life.?

The more classically elegant designs have diamonds in floral settings or in swirls of gold or platinum. Non-pendant necklaces often feature diamonds graduating from small to large and are in the shapes of swirls, florals or hearts ? further embracing the concept of intertwining lives and love. Earrings take on a similar look, with long drops that sway with the wearer, or hoops of graduated diamonds that shimmer with every move. Rings are a smaller part of the Journey Diamond Jewelry offering, but are no less creative. Often they feature channel-set or tension-set diamonds.Indeed, the choices are endless ? perhaps as endless as love itself and the journey a couple makes along the way.