Light Up Her Mother’s Day With a Diamond Line Bracelet

This elegant, classic, versatile style features small, fine quality diamonds set in an array of bracelet designs. It has been a must-have for any woman’s jewelry collection ever since tennis great Chris Evert made worldwide headlines for wearing one at the U.S. Open in 1987.

Evert was involved in a match that was temporarily halted so she could pick up her favorite diamond bracelet off the court after it had broken. A much-admired role model, she was revered for her beauty, grace and excellence on the court, and the fashion world paid close attention to the outfits and accessories she wore. She reportedly never took off the bracelet, even during tennis tournament finals. From the moment she bent down to retrieve her beloved bracelet, the classic, elegant style became known as the tennis bracelet. Sales of the bracelet surged, and the item has remained a perennial best seller.

Today, the style is called the diamond line bracelet. Not only does it make a stunning fashion statement for an evening on the town, it’s equally appropriate for more understated work and home wardrobes. Line bracelets are available in a wide selection of stone shapes, settings and sizes. The item is particularly popular in princess cut stones (a square shape that offers more brilliance than its cousin, the rectangular emerald cut), invisible settings (where the prongs can’t be seen) and in platinum or white gold for a clean, cool modern white look. For those who like the layered look, there are line bracelets with two or more rows of diamonds. For those with simpler tastes, the three-stone bracelet – with its romantic past, present and future message – is a perfect selection.