Live the Moments, Commemorate the Journey

Earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings are all available in Journey designs, which share recognizable characteristics. Every piece has a minimum of four diamonds, the universally accepted symbol of enduring love. Each diamond is intended to represent a step ? or milestone, or even a moment yet to come ? in the couple’s distinctive love story.

The diamonds are also graduated in size, indicating that as the years have passed, the love has only grown more intense. Far from being limiting, this single design element is easily incorporated into myriad shapes, including hearts, florals, circles, hoops, waves and dangles. Though four is the minimum number of diamonds used in a Journey piece, it’s not unusual to see more than 10.

Diamond shapes vary, as do their sizes, which range from petite stones to those measuring up to a carat or more. Settings of any precious metal can be modern, baroque, ornate or simple.

Journey jewelry may even incorporate colored gemstones. Personal preference is the only arbiter of the final design. Varying design elements can vary the message. A 14-karat white gold heart featuring 11 graduated diamonds tells of a lengthy journey, perhaps one that has come full circle. The same diamonds arranged in linear fashion might anticipate the many milestones yet to come. Journey jewelry is perfect for both the man who has trouble expressing his deepest emotions and the man who would use it as a starting point for sharing his innermost feelings in a letter or poem.

A gift of Journey Diamond jewelry not only shows the woman you love that you treasure the years you’ve already shared, but that you can’t wait to see what’s next.