Make It a Colorful Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in particular is a wonderful occasion to choose a piece of colored gemstone jewelry that reflects Mom’s favorite colors. Or the birthstones of her children. Or her birthstone, for that matter. Each of the 12 months offers gemstones of unique beauty as well as a growing number of alternative gemstones, all in brilliant colors.Is she a classicist? Choose red rubies or garnets, blue sapphires or tanzanite. A gardener? Consider the brilliant yellows of citrine, mandarin garnet and yellow sapphire, or the vibrant greens of emeralds, tsavorite garnet or chrome tourmaline.

In terms of jewelry, a ring is often the first choice, but a pendant or earrings might prove more versatile. For example, does she have a favorite gold chain or omega necklace? Think how much more fabulous it would look with the addition of a fancy-cut gemstone pendant or slide! You can choose from traditional round, emerald-cut or pear-shaped gemstones to bold new freeforms, dramatic cabochons and sparkling briolettes.

For big color impact, you can’t go wrong with earrings. When choosing a colored gemstone that rests so close to the face and hairline, consider her hair color. If she’s blonde or gray, go for soft blues of aquamarine, iolite or blue topaz. Brunettes sparkle with pink tourmalines or pink sapphires; redheads glow with peridot.

Go for classic studs if her style is understated; sparkling briolette drops if she’s a fashion lover; delicate dangles if she favors romantic looks.

Don’t be afraid to combine colors. Two of the strongest looks in colored gemstone jewelry are bi-colored or multicolored designs. Think of the red range of rubies with pink sapphires or go for a rainbow of rubellite, amethyst, iolite, peridot and citrine.

Is she a working Mom? If she works in an office and favors suits, a perfect choice might be a pin or brooch set with several different colored gemstones. There’s no better way to highlight color than with a fabulous brooch. Look for one with a nature theme, such as a bold flower, a whimsical butterfly, a colorful bird. Or give Mom lots of options with several tiny gemstone pins that can be grouped together on the lapel of a suit or perched on the shoulder.