Many Brides, Many Bands

The classic woman’s wedding band ? a simple, unadorned circle of gold ? has given way to a multitude of fashionable variations.

As envisioned by most contemporary brides, the perfect wedding ring is one that will complement an engagement ring when the two are worn together but can also make a style statement all its own when worn by itself.

The use of diamonds as a design element has become increasingly popular. Whereas in the case of engagement rings, a large diamond center stone is the focus of attention, in wedding bands, multiple smaller stones are the design focus.

Baguette diamonds and princess-cut diamonds are wedding band favorites ? a testimony to their understated charm ? but today’s designers and brides have become ever more adventurous, and no diamond shape or cut is off-limits for wedding-band styles. In terms of settings, brides often opt for flush, tension and channel-set styles  ? all of which protect the diamonds from impact and are practical choices for a ring that will be worn all day every day.

Colored gemstones ? notably sapphires, emeralds and rubies ? are also being used in wedding bands, most often in conjunction with diamonds. For a green-eyed bride, a band with rows of alternating emeralds and diamonds offers a life-long accessory that showcases her lovely eyes. For a woman with a July birthday, a ring incorporating rubies and diamonds offers a striking and unique look ? and also incorporates her birthstone. And what woman doesn’t love sapphires; their deep, rich blue hue works beautifully with diamonds.

Wedding-ring designers are finding inspiration in the jewelry of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and filigree, scrollwork, beaded borders and braided-metal looks are frequently used styles in today’s bands. Motifs referencing the bride’s cultural heritage, such as Celtic knots or Russian interlocking bands, are also options.
And, finally, for today’s brides, the band of gold is often actually a band of white gold, platinum or even palladium ? all of which are gaining favor with fashion-forward young women.

There are as many wedding-band choices as there are brides. Your jeweler can help you find the one that is right for you.