Mix ‘N Match Pearls

Nowadays, women can mix and match those wonderful pearl colors, combining different sizes, shapes and styles to suit their personal tastes. What’s more, designers are combining cultured pearls with colored gemstones for a fun, youthful look ? perfect for today’s young graduates. Pearls are as much a fashion statement as they are a classic fashion staple.

Cultured pearl selections have extended far beyond the standard white, round Akoya. New on the scene are black and gold pearls, which have become far more affordable with the growth of pearl cultivation. Freshwater and baroque (irregular-shaped) pearls also have come into their own as exciting fashion looks for the adventurous jewelry consumer.

Women of all ages have come to enjoy the lustrous look of pearls in rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. White and cream pearls are often still presented as a young woman’s first jewelry gift, but they are no longer the only choice. Lovely pink or gold cultured pearls work just as well for the modern, young woman on the go.

Teenage and twentysomething women have popularized the station necklace styles, which combine pearls with other gemstones on chains which can be worn together en masse. Just as young women stack rings and bangle bracelets, they layer necklaces to achieve a bolder look.