New Colors, Shapes Add Excitement to Pearl Category

Colors begin with the deep blacks, peacocks and violets of Tahitian pearls, travel through the spectrum of lavender, pink, peach, silver and burgundy of freshwater pearls and wrap up with the golden and creamy white of South Sea pearls. Fashion experts are now advising women to choose pearl shades much as they choose their makeup – rosy tones for fair skin, deeper shades for olive complexions.

In addition to the color range, pearls are available in a dizzying variety of shapes. This is due to improvements in pearl farming and innovative treatments of the oysters and mollusks that produce pearls. Especially popular right now are coin-shaped pearls, teardrop and bullet shapes, and elongated ovals.

Among the most exciting new jewelry designs are earrings and bracelets featuring waterfalls of pearls set on links that dance with the movement of the body. Bold rings and earrings with clusters of pearls in soft color combinations are popular and stylish. For the classicist, pearl necklaces have been updated with decorative clasps, diamond or gemstone rondels or interspersed with beads. If you are seeking the ultimate in versatility, choose a rope of multicolored pearls that can be worn a variety of different ways or a design with several hidden clasps that can be taken apart to create a choker and matching bracelets.

Right now is the perfect time to update your pearl wardrobe with an exciting new design. While you’re deciding what to choose, remember to examine the pearl jewelry in your collection and bring to us any pieces that need repairs, cleaning or restringing.