Pearls and Pearl Jewelry


  • Pearls are unique among gems. They are not mined from the earth but grown under the sea in the bodies of oysters.
  • Valentine's Day is around the corner and we believe that Mom deserves something superb. Shouldn't she receive something more slenderizing, more tantalizing and more magical than a box of chocolates or a few dozen roses that are destined to die in a few days? The better solution? Captivating cultured pearls.
  • Fine cultured pearls can last for generations. But, more than most gems, they do require gentle, loving care to maintain their singular beauty. Experts offer the following recommendations to owners of pearls and pearl jewelry:
  • Creative design dominates the newest crop of freshwater pearl jewelry. Multi-strand bracelets, pearl cocktail rings, woven or twisted chokers and drop earrings are among the most popular styles.
  • Pearls are stepping out on their own this season. While the classic strand of pearls will always be a cherished heirloom to hand down from generation to generation, the newest styles feature single pearls in spectacular solo settings.
  • Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, saltwater and freshwater pearls, white pearls, pink pearls, black pearls and gray pearls. Our display cases offer more types of cultured pearls than ever before, which is terrific ? there are pearls to suit every taste and budget ? but the sheer number of choices can be daunting to the uninitiated pearl shopper.
  • The rich, lustrous color and iridescence of golden South Sea pearls evokes images of romantic, faraway places. But, even more elusive than a trip to the exotic South Seas is the ability for the average jewelry connoisseur to own a perfectly matched, top-quality necklace of 13mm South Sea pearls, which can easily sell for $200,000 or more.
  • There was a time, many years ago, when the only way to wear pearls was in matched sets. Young debutantes and society girls wore creamy pearls to go with their white dresses. It was acceptable for wives and mothers to wear gold or pink pearls. And widows and mature women could wear gray or black pearls to signify their status.Oh, how times have changed.
  • If your mental image of a cultured pearl is round and white, you are in for a big surprise! Right now, the most exciting news in cultured pearl jewelry is not the range of designs, but instead the variety of colors and shapes to choose from.
  • Pearls are truly the treasures of the sea. The birthstone for June, the pearl was the earliest gem known to man and has been prized by civilizations throughout history. Pearls have long been associated with wisdom, wealth, purity, romance and mystery - and they are an enduring symbol of love and marriage.
  • Pearls have fascinated mankind (especially womankind) since the dawn of civilization, and continue to engage our interest today as new varieties and colors of pearls are found in nature - or produced with a little help from the human race.
  • Valentine's Day is a great time to remember all those people we love most, including our mothers, grandmothers and significant others. What woman wouldn't love gorgeous pearl earrings, a pendant or a lovely bracelet with cultured pearls that express your love for her?
  • Pearls are the oldest gemstone, and for hundreds of years were considered the most valuable.
  • For women with an eye for style and for men seeking a moderately priced gift, the perfect answer is freshwater pearls. Never before has there been so much variety or excitement in this category.
  • Pearls are created naturally - or with the help of man - when a tiny irritant enters the shell of an oyster. To ease its discomfort, the oyster secretes a smooth, hard substance called nacre around the irritant. After a few years, the irritant will be encased in layers and layers of silky nacre - and a pearl is born.
  • Designers are excited about the return of color, but one thing is certain: for holiday dressing, you can't go wrong with black. What could be more elegant than a black velvet dress? Or sexier than a slinky black satin sheath? Or a shimmering necklace of black Tahitian pearls?