Precious Pearls: A Lustrous Way to Express Your Love

Pearls are particularly appropriate for mothers, since they are the gems that epitomize and symbolize ageless female beauty. Their lustrous sheen makes any skin tone brighten, and they gain added richness from repeated wear.

The lore of pearls credits them with the ability to enhance youth and keep people looking younger. In some Asian cultures even today, cultured pearls are ground into powder and added to skin creams, to rejuvenate facial skin and ward off wrinkles. In ancient times, natural pearls were a measure of wealth as well as beauty. That’s why Cleopatra was supposed to have melted a huge pearl into wine to impress Marc Anthony with how wealthy her kingdom was.

Though the story may be a myth, the fact that pearls were valued so highly extended through many cultures in history. The ancient Greeks thought pearls were the gem of the moon and the goddess Diana. That began the trend of presenting small pearls to young girls on their entry into womanhood.

Thanks to the advent of cultured pearls and careful pearl farming, pearls are now more available and affordable than ever. Even top-quality perfectly round cultured pearls in larger sizes can be found at reasonable prices. Ask us to explain the quality grades of pearls, and help you find exactly the right pearl jewelry that eloquently expresses your love.

While you certainly don’t need to grind pearls into powder or melt them, you can show your Mom how much you appreciate and love her youthful spirit with tasteful pearl jewelry that will complement whatever she wears.