5 Things You Should Know About SUPERNOVA Moissanite


1. It’s a new brand of moissanite.

What is a SUPERNOVA Moissanite? The SUPERNOVA is a new moissanite available . They are gorgeous, and are being cut in a huge array of sizes. Plus, we can also get custom cuts, so if you were interested in, say, a 12 carat emerald cut let us know, we gotcha covered.

You’ll see many new types of moissanite coming to market this year and into the future – it’s likely going to get very confusing for all of us. We have done the research and chosen the best of the best moissanite to carry in our shops, so all of the moissanite brands we sell are absolutely tops, in quality, clarity and color.

2. They are gorgeous.

The SUPERNOVA is colorless, meaning they are D-F in color. Moissanite is a very durable material for a man-made stone, at 9.25 on the mohs hardness scale. That makes them harder than a sapphire or ruby, and second only to diamond, so these stones will stand up to a lifetime of enjoyment. They have excellent clarity – their cuts were all developed by an engineer at Moissanite International, so you know they are spot on.

3. They are big. And small.

The SUPERNOVA moissanite comes in a huge range of cuts(shapes) and sizes . If you want a custom cut stone in a size we don’t typically offer, let us know, we can do that, too. 

4. They are fairly priced.

As new moissanites continue to flood the market, you’ll find pricing will be all over the place – a higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality.

5. They are from Australia.

The SUPERNOVA  are manufactured by from Australian Co. Moissanite International. The folks who developed these beautiful stones have been selling moissanite for many years, so they know their stuff. They are the only manufacturer that has all the magic happening in one facility – they formulate their own pure Silicon Carbide powder, grow the material, cut the rough and then the jewels with 65 on-site cutters. In the USA they sell thru dealers like us at www.jewelryfactory.com