Rules of Engagement

Getting engaged, getting married? These are milestones in life that are the most special moments to treasure for a lifetime. These memories are uniquely yours, and for that very reason, the engagement ring you select should also be uniquely yours. It can be overwhelming trying to select the right ring, trying to make it personal, but we can help you make choices to keep your ring special.

Today, there are gorgeous variations and options that enable you to personalize your ring. Naturally, selection of the stone is key, as it symbolizes the life-long commitment being made. First and foremost, one should think of the cut of the stone ? shape says so much about the style of the person. There are a host of wonderful fancy cuts available that enable unique setting choices, especially when one opts to put a center stone with side stones.

Typically, at least a one-carat center stone is best to show off the cut ? as the engagement ring stands alone on the finger until the wedding.  Following cuts and sizes, settings are where individuals have the most freedom of choice and design style. In fact, selections range from metal choices (platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or a mixture thereof) to diamond adornments that enhance the center stone ? including the addition of colored diamonds.

Among the offerings are settings with pavé, channel-set diamonds on the sides, or diamonds along the entire shank. Often these are paired with interlocking wedding bands that complement the engagement ring and come together for a uniquely beautiful finished set. Custom choices also can be made. Inscriptions often put the finishing touches on the personalization.