Say ‘I Love You’ With a Gift of Jewelry

What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the woman in your life? That’s easy ? jewelry. What kind of jewelry? That’s a more challenging question.

The answer depends on the intended recipient and your feelings about her. Is she a new sweetheart, a serious squeeze, a fiancé or a long-loved wife? Jewelry speaks the language of love, and different types of jewelry can convey very subtle and specific romantic messages ? from ?I’m getting to like you,? to ?I’m so lucky to be married to you.?

The following are some suggestions for jewelry gifts to suit a variety of Valentine’s Day sentiments.

We have only been dating a short time, but I really like you: A charm is a good choice. She can wear it on a pendant necklace or add it to a charm bracelet. Also, it can be a personal icon? a tennis racket for a sportswoman, Caduceus for a doctor or medical student, a multi-color fish for a nature lover. Another idea: a gold bangle bracelet ? the current fashion is to stack them on the wrist, so a woman can never have too many.

I’m so crazy about you: When you’re ready to lay it all on the line, how about a necklace with a centerpiece of entwined hearts? There’s no mistaking the age-old meaning of twin gold hearts. A heart-shaped gemstone is another way to offer a beautiful ?I love you.? What could be more lovely than a delicate gold necklace with a heart-shaped amethyst, aquamarine or peridot centerpiece?

Will you marry me? Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to pop the big question and, of course, only a diamond says ?forever.?

You’re still the one: She’s no longer a girl, but she’ll always be your girl, and a gift of jewelry is the perfect way to tell her so. Precious gemstone earrings ? choose rubies to match her fiery spirit or blue sapphires to complement her unforgettable eyes ? are a timeless expression of love. And there are many other options: a heart-shaped Journey Diamond necklace, three-stone diamond necklace, diamond right-hand ring, a classic pearl and diamond ring or an emerald-and-diamond anniversary ring. These are but a few of the many exquisite jewelry gifts guaranteed to make her want to marry you all over again.