Star-Studded Mother’s Day

Naturally, diamond studs are key and range from elegant rounds to fancy cuts and shapes, such as hearts, princesses and emeralds. Fancy-colored diamonds are the rage, too, with pink, blue and yellow diamonds stealing the limelight ? going hand-in-hand with the pastel tones of the season. Cognac and champagne diamonds, as well as black diamonds, are also wonderful choices.

Gemstone studs are also popular this season, with topaz, peridot, citrine and unusual green amethysts comprising the earth tones. For the regal tones, designers and jewelers offer the rare gems of the world, such as tanzanite, emerald, ruby and sapphire.

Cultured pearls also make stunning stud earrings and are especially popular now that Tahitian black and gray pearls offer exotic alternatives to white pearls. Golden pearls are also wonderful spring options.

Karat-gold stud earring stars, flowers, hearts and circles are all the rage. Whether crafted in white, yellow or rose gold and accented with diamonds or not, these studs are ever alluring. Today’s stars are either open-worked or solid and feature all types of stylized versions. So, too, are the hearts and circles stylized. Sometimes the designs offer patterns within patterns for depth and dimension. The flower options are endless, with a flower for almost everyone’s taste. Leaves, vines and romantic interpretations thereof also come into play as designs recall the Gothic inspiration.

Other trends this season include fauna and living creatures of flight, with favorite animals of the land and sea being interpreted in all shapes and sizes for women to wear proudly. While the world of insects may not be the most appealing in real life, butterflies, lady bugs and other insects translate beautifully into gold and gemstone studs. Indeed, the sky’s the limit when it comes to stud earrings to delight Mom this Mother’s Day.